The mini-presentation (output and prices) is part of the Voorburg Group Content Development Framework (CDF). The purpose of the CDF is to provide a structured approach to developing mini-presentations and sector papers.

The mini-presentation covers a given industry or parts of an industry. The presentation is given by invited participants and serves as a basis for discussion of the issues involved.

The CDF essentially calls for industry specific papers to be prepared by participating countries according to a predetermined template, including specific methodological guidelines. It further requires that the papers cover pre-established topics related to the Groupís three main domains of interest (output, prices and classification) as well as the national accounting perspective.

This approach ensures that the content of the papers are more comparable and standardized, thus facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise as well as discussion of issues. The papers are presented, critiqued and discussed in mini-presentations during the Groupís meeting.

Sector Papers

The process leading up to a sector paper for a given industry is sequential starting in year 1 with mini-presentations (on prices, output and classification) from invited participants. The substantive content materials as well as the output from the discussions, in turn may serve as key inputs to produce, discuss and adopt sector papers (presented in year 2).

The sector paper presents a set of key methodological guidelines for the development and production of the service industry covered. As concrete deliverables from the Voorburg Group meetings, these papers are intended to become reference material for statisticians who oversee the development and compilation of Service Sector statistics in the various countries and international organizations.

Revisited Sector Papers

This term refers to the Voorburg Group production process in which the sector paper for a given industry is an output. The preparation of re-visited sector paper entails building upon previously issued mini-presentations on prices (presented prior to 2006) for an industry / industry group by adding turnover / output details. The re-visited sector papers follow the revised guidelines for the format and content of Sector Papers.